Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
जल प्रबंधन, पर्यावरणीय प्रदूषण नियंत्रण एवं अन्य तकीनीकी सेवायें।         विश्व पर्यावरण दिवस पर वृक्षारोपण कार्यक्रम।          विश्व योग दिवस 21 जून 2016 ।

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Keeping in view of the fresh water demand for drinking as well as for industries, the scarcity of fresh water is the most burning problem for today’s life.
We provide services in relation to effluent treatment plant catering various sectors:
  • Turnkey Execution of works including Design, Drawing, Engineering, Fabrication, Renovation, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning including Mechanical, Electrical, Piping and Instrumentation items of works of ETP’s / CETP’s for different industries & hospitals.)
  • Performance Evaluation Studies for present ETP/ CETP Set Ups.
  • Water Balance and Water Audit/ Water Conservation Studies.
  • Design and Engineering for New ETP / CETP / WTP set Ups for industries / estates / townships.
  • Feasibility Studies for New ETP/ WTP/ CETP Set ups and Modifications/ Renovation/Expansion of existing ETP’s / CETP’s.
  • Technologies considered for designs for treatment processes are MBBR, SBR, MBR, SAFF, Extended Aeration, Anaerobic Reactors, Trickling filters etc.
  • Designs of Zero Liquid Discharge Systems including Recycling RO and MEE Systems.
Application areas:
  • Tanneries/ Leather industry
  • Slaughter House
  • Textile industry
  • Paint industry
  • Distillery industry
  • Electroplating industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Paper & Pulp industry
  • Oil refineries
  • Glass industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food Processing industry
  • Cement industry
  • Chlor Alkali industry
  • Fertilizer industry

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