Operation & Maintenance Work
जल प्रबंधन, पर्यावरणीय प्रदूषण नियंत्रण एवं अन्य तकीनीकी सेवायें।         विश्व पर्यावरण दिवस पर वृक्षारोपण कार्यक्रम।          विश्व योग दिवस 21 जून 2016 ।

Operation & Maintenance Work

We “EESS” have been closely associated with the Services sector in so many ways from the construction phase, under taking turnkey projects for wastewater/ effluent treatment, supplies, mechanical utilities and subsequently provide operation & maintenance services.

We “EESS” have experience of operating and maintaining such system and utilities. We have a separate department in our company, which monitors the ongoing operation of such utilities of the situation. The supervisors of site are well equipped with communication means to interact with us at head office and send their weekly report on the plant performance which is thoroughly reviewed by our engineers and necessary technical training is important to the supervisors to enhance the performance of the plant.

Scope of Work

We “EESS” ” shall provide client with the following services under annual scientific operation contract for the STP/ ETP:

  • Checking of regular parameter required for smooth operation effluent Treatment plant.
  • Regular cleaning of pump & motors.
  • Checking of regular water level of effluent collection tank of STP/ ETP.
  • Testing of critical parameter to ensure desired water quality and quantity.
  • Regular removal of scum from collection sump/ tube settler & if any.
  • Regular dosing of chemical in reaction channels.
  • Regular cleaning of pumps & checking of tanks.
  • Regular dosing chemical in reaction tank.
  • Maintaining all sorts of records as per the requirements such as:

    I. log sheet of the system

    II. Performance sheet of the system

    III. Chemical consumption Record

    IV. Electrical consumption record etc. and minimizes the downtime of any utility and to enhance the performance of the entire system.

Operation & Maintenance Activities
  • Cleaning of Pump & Motors.
  • Operation & Preventive maintenance of pumps.
  • All necessary measure shall be taken for quality control of STP/ ETP.
  • For dozer fit preparation of chemical solution.
  • Dosing of chemical solution in reaction tank.
  • Checking of STP/ ETP tanks for general parameters (colour, pH, temprature)
  • Checking of treated effluent in treated water tank.
  • Greasing & oiling of all pumps.
  • Cleaning of pipeline (Suction & delivery).
  • Checking of gland packing leakages with packing of all water pumps and effluent pumps.
  • We will undertake regular preventive maintenance of the mechanical equipment as pumps, valves, and take corrective action whenever required for the smooth operation of pumps.
  • Checking parameter for the smooth operation of the STP/ ETP and take corrective measures in case any deterioration of these parameters.
  • Preparation of solution & cleaning of MGF & ACF as required.

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